Books for Friends

WILD by Michael Nichols

I WANT TO BE WITH YOU by Jerome Gence

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WILD is famed wildlife photographer Michael Nichols’ choice of his favourite images. Presented in chronological order from the beginning of his career in 1980, when he used Transparency film and was a Magnum photographer, until 2016, when he had embraced digital capture as the editor at large of National Geographic magazine. Shown without words to explain the images, Nichols is asking the viewer to “look and feel“.

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The newest edition of BOOKS FOR FRIENDS is two books in one book.


In Asia, some hyper-connected young people earn money by making lonely fans believe in a potential friendship or love. The best of them can make 500 000 euros a month…and even have their own private island.


In Asia, the virtual singers fill the same stadiums as biggest human pop-stars. For those who are disappointed about human-beings and want to give a try with a hologram, this is the place to be. It works: For some fans, virtual singers became the love, the wife and even…the God.