by Michael Nichols


“There are some who can live without wild
things and some who cannot.”
—Aldo Leopold

320 Pages of


Enjoy the first book of a brand new series … WILD is famed wildlife photographer Michael Nichols’ choice of his favourite images. Presented in chronological order from the beginning of his career in 1980, when he used Transparency film and was a Magnum photographer, until 2016, when he had embraced digital capture as the editor at large of National Geographic magazine. Shown without words to explain the images, Nichols is asking the viewer to “look and feel“.

As the orders for the first 500 copies came in, the photographer and the publisher did get together and produced the book. The books were printed and shipped across the Atlantic to Michael’s home for signing them. The next step was the binding process which is mostly handmade and took another three weeks.

All copies of the whole print run were signed by Michael Nichols and include a special edition letter-sized print (8.3″×11″ / 21×28cm). Our Friends have a choice of three images.

Books for Friends is a unique ordering system for lifetime achievement books, retrospectives, long-term projects or topics of excellence. Only top-level photographers are invited to found a club of the who’s who in documentary/reportage/street/fine art photography. These books are available ONLY via this very direct and personal distribution system. No bookstores, no museum shops, no middlemen.

Together with the publisher the photographers create the book they have always dreamt of realizing. It is ultimately their book – no compromises at all.

  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 320
  • Photographs: 240
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 15.2″×10.6″/38.5×25.5cm
  • Release date: September 2020

What will you get?

A signed copy of the book WILD,
the first one of the series BOOKS for FRIENDS.

In addition to the book you can choose one out of three
fine art museum quality prints 6”×9” on 8.3”×11” (15×23cm on 21×28cm).

A signed copy of the book WILD by photographer
Michael Nichols.
An exclusive fine art print.
Choose one out of three.

Michael Nichols

National Geographic Wildlife Photographer

Some see him as the Indiana Jones of photography. To others, he is the man who made wildlife photography what it is today. To many, he is simply the best photographer in his field. Having announced his retirement at the age of 66, Michael “Nick” Nichols is without exaggeration a photojournalism icon. Before joining National Geographic and producing his 25 reports for the magazine, he collaborated with famed Magnum agency. A single objective has stuck with him from the very start of his career: to capture the wildest landscapes on our planet, and the creatures that call them home. Working in full immersion, he would spend months getting up-close and personal with the animals, their families, their behaviour and habitats.
– Lois Lammerhuber

When I retired I wanted to make a book with my favorite images presented in a substantial way. A companion to my biography by Melissa Harris with Aperture, A Wild Life.

WILD is photographs meant to be consumed without words, to be looked at with emotion.

I have always been an essayist, and through this I found a thread that sums up my life as a photographer.

This book is to be displayed and left open to a page that sings for a time. It is as if I had made 240 limited edition prints of my career and had given them to all of you … this is truly meant as a BOOK for FRIENDS
– Michael Nichols